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Title: A Canadian Winter
Author: Liz
Beta: Jan
Series: STXI
Rating: NC-17
Length: 18,555 (... the scary thing is, I actually do have a real life.)
Warnings: First-time, angst, romance, Christmas clichés.
Summary: Three years into their mission, shore leave happens to coincide with Christmas. The entire bridge crew is spending time with their families, so Jim decides to rent himself a cabin in northern Ontario, resigned to spending the three weeks alone.

Fortunately for Jim, a certain pointy-eared officer is also lacking in Christmas plans.

- - -

Note: Now with absolutely gorgeous accompanying artwork by davincis_girl. I cannot even articulate my glee. <3 :D


- - -

Snow was brushing softly against the windows, and the temperature outside had dropped to some ridiculous new low, making the warmth of their cabin even more enticing. They had covered the entire main room with decorations, the beautiful fire was roaring, and their almost-perfectly-straight tree was covered top to bottom in ornaments, including two new strings of popcorn they had made earlier.

- - -

Part One - http://twisting-vine-x.livejournal.com/157615.html

- - -

The next two days passed in some kind of pleasant blur.

Despite the turbulent events of their first day, dinner that night had been a rather uneventful affair, and things had gone smoothly since. Jim had spent the second day teaching Spock about Christmas traditions – although he’d been careful to leave out the concept of mistletoe, knowing that he didn’t have enough willpower to not offer a demonstration – and Spock had responded by commenting on the illogical manner of said traditions.

It had been a good system.

Day three saw them traipsing through the forest in search of a tree. Spock had determinedly insisted on coming, despite Jim’s warnings about frostbite, and Jim had spent the entire time wanting to wrap his arm around Spock’s shivering body. By the time they found a tree that Spock deemed adequate – Jim had tried to explain that no tree was geometrically perfect, but Spock had somehow found them the straightest tree in the whole damn forest – Spock had actually been shifting in place, as though trying to keep blood flowing to his toes, and Jim had been cursing himself for letting Spock come with him.

Not that he would have been able to stop him, of course. Even when they were enacting their roles of captain and first officer, Spock still managed to get around many of the instructions that he didn’t agree with, and Jim had never quite figured out how.

Christmas Eve day dawned with a cloudless sky, turning their world into a never-ending dichotomy of white and blue, and Jim spent a good ten minutes just standing on their front porch, silently staring across the valley. Christmas in Iowa had absolutely nothing on Canada, and as their three days together had worn on, Jim had become a little frightened by how much he wanted this.

He wanted to come here every year, and never have to worry about whether he was overstepping the boundaries between them. He wanted to spend hours curled up with Spock on the couch, staring into the fireplace, and squabbling over the merits of eggnog. He wanted to teach Spock exactly what mistletoe was, and then hang it from every possible surface, so he’d have an excuse to never keep his hands to himself –

In the reality that Jim was actually living, he couldn’t even touch Spock without thinking it through first.

Jim didn’t move as he heard the door behind him swing open, and Spock came to stand beside him, their shoulders almost touching. That hotter-than-human warmth was somehow sneaking through the air that separated them, and Jim tore his eyes from the valley to look at him, wondering why his sappy heart was being more ridiculous than normal today.

Sometimes, Jim could read every emotion in those dark eyes as clearly as if Spock had been yelling. On other days, every inch of Spock somehow managed to resemble a statue, and even Jim could get no indication of what was going on between those beautifully pointed ears.

Now, as though reading Jim’s mind, Spock met his gaze with perfect impassiveness. His entire being suddenly aching to break that calm, Jim forced out a small smile and turned back to the view, his body feeling like it had been shot with cordrazine.

What he would give for there to never be that mask between them.

“You are troubled.”

Jim didn’t know whether to laugh or yell, wondering how he could possibly be this transparent. He turned back to Spock, who was looking at him at though he could see right through him.

“You know, it’s rather unfair that you always know what I’m thinking, when I have such a difficult time reading you.”

“Do you?”

That one was easier to read – surprise. Spock’s eyebrow had climbed up, and the barrier behind his eyes had lightened slightly. Staring at him, Jim couldn’t figure out why his irate confession had been so shocking.

“You’re surprised?”

“You are remarkably adept at discerning my thoughts.”

Jim could think of absolutely no response to that, and Spock stared at him for a second longer, before returning his gaze to the valley. After a long moment, Jim found himself shaking his head, wondering how Spock did this to him every time.

“Come on, Spock. I’ve got some more Christmas traditions to teach you.”

Spock raised an eyebrow.

“Throw on your warmest clothes, and come join me.” The plan was surprisingly calming, and Jim could feel a smile creep across his lips, suddenly picturing Spock’s reaction to this particular tradition. “Oh, and get two carrots, four kiwis and two green beans from the replicator, ka?”

After two days of illogical human traditions, Spock knew better than to argue.

Twenty minutes later, and even after searching for a handful of sticks, Spock still didn’t protest when Jim told him to roll a massive snowball, and to stack two smaller ones on top. As they worked in easy silence, the vegetables lay in the snow beside them, a bright splash of colour against all the whiteness.

“Is this sufficient?”

Jim stopped what he was doing to gape at the three impeccably rounded snowballs that sat atop each other, their rough edges somehow completely smoothed away. Spock didn’t say anything else, but there was a slight shine to his eyes that suggested a badly contained façade of innocence, and Jim let out a breath of exasperation, realizing how messy his snowman looked in comparison.

“Out of curiosity, has anyone ever told you that you’re a perfectionist?”

“With the obvious example of yourself, I believe that similar sentiments have been expressed by Admiral Pike, Cadet O’Riley, Nyota, Doctor McCoy, Admiral –”

“Yeah, so you’re brilliant, and everyone knows it.” Jim hid a smile as he finished balancing his third snowball in place, and then turned back to Spock, whose eyes were still amused. “Turn around. I just need a couple of minutes.”

“Is hiding one’s eyes also part of Christmas tradition?”

“Yes.” Jim couldn’t stop a grin, knowing that Spock wouldn’t believe him. “Don’t peek.”

With a sound that wasn’t quite a sigh, Spock turned to face the valley, and Jim scrambled to finish the snowpeople, grabbing four sticks to use as arms. He shoved the two green beans into his jacket pocket for his later plan, and then put all the other vegetables to use, using the kiwis and carrots as eyes and noses.

“Alright, you can look now.”

When Spock turned around, there was already a slight twitch to his lips, as though he knew what he was going to see. Jim stared at him in astonishment, a curl of doubt sneaking through his stomach, as he suddenly figured out why Spock wasn’t commenting on how illogical this whole concept was.

“You already knew!”

The half-smile didn’t get any bigger, but Spock’s nod somehow conveyed amusement, and Jim found himself fighting back a grin, even as he berated himself for being an idiot.

“I can’t believe you! Here I was, saving the best for last –”

“I did some research into human winter customs.”

“And you’ve been leading me on this entire time?”

“Negative. This is simply one tradition that I had previous knowledge of.”

Jim made a non-committal noise, not quite believing him, but unwilling to argue when Spock’s eyes were so warm.

“Turn around again.”

Spock said nothing as he did so, and Jim yanked the long beans out of his pocket, now more than ever wanting to catch Spock off guard with the snowpeople idea. He slapped the beans into their eyebrow positions above the kiwi eyes of Spock’s snow person, and then scooped some snow from the ground, crafting on two perfectly pointy ears.

“Kay, done.”

Whatever Jim had been expecting, Spock’s pained reaction was not it.

He turned around and froze, that half-smile gone quicker than it had come, his eyes darting to the pointed ears and green bean eyebrows. There was something close to panic in his tightly closed off expression, and he stared at the snow Vulcan as though it was some kind of monster.

“Jesus, Spock, what’s wrong?”

As Spock continued to just stare at the snow Vulcan, Jim felt his head spin in circles, as he tried to figure out what he’d done.

“Shit, is this offensive, or something? Damnit, you know me, I don’t know nearly enough about other cultures –”

“Please attempt to relax, Jim.” Spock still wasn’t looking at him, and he took a step closer to Jim’s creation, as though the snow Vulcan was the most important thing in the entire universe. “I am not offended.”

“Then –”

“I do not know if I wish to speak of it.”

Jim clammed up so fast he nearly bit off his lips, hearing the pained finality there. He desperately struggled for something intelligent to say, but his higher thought processes seemed to have escaped him, and he could only boggle at Spock, feeling ridiculously guilty without even knowing why.

“Sorry, I’ll just –”

“Jim, wait – please do not leave.” Spock had finally taken his gaze off the snow Vulcan, and Jim’s ability to speak left him completely at the pain in those dark eyes. “My sincere apologies. I owe you an explanation.”

“You don’t have to –”

“I wish to.”

Jim quickly shut up, not wanting to do any more damage, and Spock turned to stare at the snow Vulcan again.

“When I was young, we never celebrated Christmas, and my mother seldom spoke of it. I understand now that it caused her pain to be away from home for such an important occasion, and that she simply could not discuss the subject, nor attempt to celebrate it.”

Jim concentrating on hiding a wince, suddenly realizing why Spock was so shaken. If this story involved his mother, then it was no wonder that he had reacted so strongly.

“Although I did not then realize why she was upset, I found myself wishing to do something to help her. As speaking to my father about this matter was impossible, I began devising my own way to make her smile. I was still too young to be frightened by her happiness.”

Even three years after Amanda’s death, Spock still spoke of her as though she had died only yesterday, and it made Jim want to hold him close forever. He knew that Spock’s pain would never morph into fond memories and bittersweet nostalgia – that for him, her death would always be laced with regret and bitter loathing, along with his crippling self-blame over not getting to her fast enough.

“When I was six, I finally decided to do something to ease her discontent. There was very little information on human Christmas traditions in the databanks that I had access to, but I learned enough, and crafted a tiny snow person from rocks and white paint.”

Jim realised he was holding his breath, but the pain in Spock’s voice seemed to have finally eased slightly, as though he was remembering a perfect moment in his life. That tiniest hint of a smile was back, though Jim could see the wistful nature of it in Spock’s eyes.

“I had rarely seen my mother display tears of happiness, and even though her reaction caused my father to reprimand me severely, it is something that I never regretted. The snowman sat for a almost week on our mantle, from the Terran equivalent of Christmas day to the thirtieth of December, before my mother decided –”

The tiny smile had left again, and Spock suddenly seemed to forget that Jim was even there. He walked over to the snow Vulcan, and then simply stared at it some more, as Jim tried desperately to figure out what was going on.

“A week after presenting my gift to my mother, I discovered that she had elected to attach two little ears, with the claim that it now represented me – a little bit of human, and a little bit of Vulcan.” Spock’s expression didn’t become any more pained, but Jim could see the way his glove-covered fingers were suddenly curling against his legs, as though itching to hit something. “She – she insisted that it was more beautiful that way.”

His voice roughened slightly as he stopped speaking, and Jim had never experienced a louder silence in his entire life. He wished desperately for something to break it, but the wind had stopped blowing, and there was no sound of crackling tree branches – even the snow was refusing to fall.

“She was right, you know.”

Jim hadn’t meant to say anything at all, but his mouth seemed to be working without his permission, and there was something like a plea in Spock’s eyes, as though he needed some kind of reassurance.

“Not one in a billion people would be brave enough to do what your mother did. You’re the first true connection between two radically different species, and if that’s not beautiful, then –” Jim stopped, seeing something else flash through Spock’s eyes, and then found himself shrugging helplessly, not even sure where he was going with this.

Instead of responding, Spock simply looked at him for a moment longer, before he reached out to fiddle with one of the beans, angling its position beside the kiwi eye, so that the face appeared just a little less stern. Before Jim could ask what he was doing, Spock had turned back to him, some of the tension finally gone from his body.

“I regret that you never met her. You and my mother would have gotten along most amicably.”

“I wish I’d met her, too.”

As the soft words slipped from his lips, Jim suddenly realized that snowflakes were falling around them, and he and Spock turned their eyes skyward at the same time. The slightest breeze picked up for a moment, swirling the snow around them, and when Jim looked back at Spock, the Vulcan was still watching the sky.

“Wanna head in? I’ll make you some hot chocolate.”

Jim had spoken as lightly as he could, not wanting to break the fragile peace that seemed to have descended upon them, but Spock didn’t move, his face still angled towards the falling snow.

“Is there not a human tradition of catching snowflakes with one’s tongue?”

Despite the undeniably tantalising image, the warmth that shot through Jim’s body had absolutely nothing to do with lust, and everything to do with love – which was more disconcerting than anything else. Without saying a word, Jim titled his head up and stuck his tongue out, and then slowly closed his eyes, giving Spock the privacy to do the same.

He didn’t know how long he stood there, catching snow on his tongue, and fighting the urge to open his eyes and wrap his arms around Spock. He stayed still until Spock came to stand beside him, and when he opened his eyes again, Spock’s mask was almost back in place, save for the warmth in his eyes.

“Hot chocolate?”

Although Spock said nothing, he nodded slightly, and it was enough.

- - -

Two hours and three cups of hot chocolate later, Spock seemed to have recovered from their moment outside, and was back to his stoically irritating self.

“Jim, you elected to ask for my assistance, and, as such, I am assisting you. If you tilt the tree exactly 4.5 centimetres to the left, and then 3.2 centimetres forward –”

“Spock, if you don’t stop, I swear to god –”

“– it shall be almost perfectly straight.”

“Since when are you content with almost?”

“Since you are the one assembling the tree.” Jim glared at him from behind a tree branch, and Spock simply shrugged by raising an eyebrow. “If you desire perfection, tilting it 4.6 centimetres would suffice, but as I doubt that you can evaluate distance with that level of accuracy –”

“Oh my god. Spock. Just grab some decorations already.”

There was an amused silence as Spock peered into their box of decorations, and Jim continued trying to push the tree into place, letting it lean slightly against the wall, and hoping that Spock wouldn’t call him on his cheating, still unable to believe that he was decorating a Christmas tree with his beautiful first officer.

“Jim, there appears to be some kind of Terran mould growing in this box.”

“Huh?” Trying to exit the tree without losing his eyes in the process, brushing branches away from his face and spitting out pine needles, Jim barely processed the words. “Well of course it’s Terran, we’re on Earth – wait, mould?”

He yanked himself out the tree with a concerned start, and then failed to stop a flush when Spock’s eyes flicked across his scratched face and messy hair. He raised a hand self-consciously, before dropping it and putting on his best scowl, trying to ignore the humour in Spock’s eyes.

“Stop laughing. I don’t see you getting up close and personal with the tree.”

“And your current condition explains my reasoning. Would you care to examine this for me?”

His eyebrows suddenly climbing into his hair, Jim found himself staring incredulously, wondering if Spock had even heard the words coming from his own mouth. When Spock looked up from the box, raising a questioning eyebrow of his own, Jim could only shake his head.

“You need to research some more Earth customs, Spock. That kinda sounded like we were playing doctor in a very, very bad porno.” Not waiting for Spock’s response, Jim peered into the box, and almost gagged. “Oh, god, if that’s an old string of popcorn –”

He yanked his head back, trying to keep his stomach, and then paused at the slight green tint to his friend’s cheeks. Spock casually looked away, but Jim couldn’t stop a smirk, somehow managing to crack a joke even as his heart doubled its pace.

“Why Mr. Spock, if the thought of playing doctor –”

“Perhaps the matter is best discussed with Doctor McCoy.”

It was said with his customary straight face and cool voice, as though Spock had absolutely no idea what he was implying, and Jim found himself grinning.

“He’s going to die when I tell him you said that.”

“That would certainly lower the general stress levels across the ship.”

“Hey, that’s my best friend you’re talking about!”

“Then why are you not spending Christmas with him?”

Spock sounded suddenly serious, as though he still couldn’t quite believe that Jim had invited him along. Not wanting to phrase this in a way that made Spock sound second-best, Jim took a moment to peer into the box again, before meeting Spock’s eyes.

“Well, I have two best friends.” Jim waited a moment to watch that sink in, and then allowed his smirk to widen, suddenly reminded of just how awesome he really was. “Also, I may have bribed his ex into letting Bones have Joanna for the holidays.”

“And is Doctor McCoy aware of this?”

“I’m saving it for the next time he gets hypo-friendly.”

That half-smile was back again, and Jim fought to keep his hands to himself, his body suddenly aching for more contact. His desire for Spock had become a constant burn, but every few hours, it would flare up into something that threatened to engulf him, often with little provocation.

“That was very kind of you.”

Jim slammed a lid on his thoughts, once again glad that Spock consciously worked to keep his mind blocked off.

“I know – most expensive Christmas present I’ve ever gotten. Now help me clean out this box. We have a tree to decorate.”

- - -

By the time nightfall settled around them, Jim felt like he had tumbled into a Christmas story.

Snow was brushing softly against the windows, and the temperature outside had dropped to some ridiculous new low, making the warmth of their cabin even more enticing. They had covered the entire main room with decorations, the beautiful fire was roaring, and their almost-perfectly-straight tree was covered top to bottom in ornaments, including two new strings of popcorn they had made earlier.

There were also two presents underneath the tree, and instead of being depressed by the lonely image, Jim had spent several hours struggling to keep a straight face, his heart filled with happiness at the fact that Spock had actually gotten him a gift.

With the exception of their earlier mishap with the snow Vulcan, Spock had been relaxing in incremental stages since their arrival three days ago, and Jim had watched the process with fascination, noting that every new Christmas experience seemed to give Spock permission to let go just a little bit more. He wasn’t anywhere close to downing eggnog and crooning out carols, but there was a constant warmth in his eyes, and his expression was slightly more relaxed than normal.

And the best part of the whole thing was that he was dressed more casually than Jim had ever seen him, which meant that Jim was itching to rip the rest of his clothes off, his libido screaming at him that Spock needed to wear black more often. The black pyjama pants and snug black sweater, the soft black slippers for his feet – it was a dangerous combination, and as Jim trailed his eyes across Spock, his entire body filled with heat, and his fingers began twitching slightly. When Spock’s eyes closed for a second, the light of the fireplace painting his skin gold, Jim nearly slammed his head against the wall in frustration.

“Alright, Mr. Spock. So, it’s Christmas Eve –”

Curled up on the couch, his legs actually tucked underneath him, Spock tore his eyes from the fire to raise an amused eyebrow.

“– and we’re gonna do this right. Music, a few drinks – maybe even a midnight snowball fight.”

“Although I have failed to research this concept, the very term implies –”

“Think of it as a way to kick my ass.”

“Very well.”

Smiling at the easy capitulation – even if it had been at his expense – Jim meandered towards the tiny computer that sat on their counter-top, and threw on his favourite Christmas playlist. As Bing Crosby’s voice filled the cabin, Jim skipped over to the replicator, and switched it to beverages.

“Want anything?”

“Alcohol does not affect Vulcans as it does humans.” Spock didn’t even take his eyes from the fire, as though the bright flames were soothing. “But some more hot chocolate would suffice.”

“You really like that stuff, don’t you?”

“It is adequate.”

Shaking his head, Jim got the machine to spit him out a glass of cognac, before punching in what Spock wanted – and then, out of nowhere, a random memory hit him. He suddenly recalled being in his first year at the Academy, sitting in the library and reading a book on other Federation species, briefly skimming over the pages on Vulcans, wondering what was factual knowledge, and what was simply human hearsay.

“Spock, you are a sly devil.”

He whispered the words to himself, too soft for even Spock to hear, and then tried to pretend that his voice didn’t sound suspiciously strained. He shot a quick glance at Spock, and then changed his entry on the replicator, his stroke of genius sending a surge of butterflies through his middle.

Glasses in hand, he sat down beside Spock on the sofa, careful to leave some space between them as he pulled his legs up, tucking them underneath him. As soon as he got comfortable, Spock took his eyes from the fireplace, and then half-frowned at the glass in Jim’s hand.

“Jim, as I stated, alcohol does not –”

“It’s chocolate liqueur.”

Spock blinked at him for a second longer, before his skin suddenly went greener than their Christmas tree, and Jim had to use every muscle in his body to stop himself from squirming, trying to pretend that every inch of him didn’t feel like it had suddenly caught fire.

“I can’t believe you! All those mugs of hot chocolate –”

“It has a pleasing taste.”

“A pleasing taste? Spock, you started drinking without me!”

Spock was still blushing, but doing his best to hide it, and Jim felt every nerve come to life, realizing that he was curled up on a couch with this beautiful Vulcan, who had to be at least a little tipsy.

“Hot chocolate does not truly have an effect on me. The milk to chocolate ratio is such that –”

Jim snorted ungracefully and handed him the glass of liqueur, and Spock stared at it, obviously undecided.

“Jim, I do not know if –”

“Spock, please – it’s Christmas Eve.” Jim tried for his most convincing smile, and the music seemed to agree with him, crooning out something soft and slow. Spock suddenly looked absolutely beautiful, all in black with the firelight dancing across him, and Jim was grateful that his hands were occupied with holding the glasses. “This may be the only Christmas we spend together. If you’re ever gonna try to enjoy yourself, now’s the time to do it.”

The mirth left Spock’s eyes with shocking speed, leaving Jim blinking in confusion.

“What did I say?”

Spock shook his head, and carefully took the glass from Jim’s hand. “Do not trouble yourself. It is I who –”

“For someone who’s spent his life hiding his feelings, you really are a crappy liar.”

He hadn’t meant to sound so exasperated, but Spock tensed minutely, and Jim suddenly felt like they were back at day one of this trip, with Spock freaking out about wanting to enjoy the trip.

“Look, you can tell me anything. You know that.”

When Spock simply nodded, as though acknowledging this as truth but unwilling to put it into practice, Jim decided to give him some space, and he leaned back against the couch, sighing softly as heat and comfort spread through every inch of him. The fire continued to crackle, and although Jim felt his entire body ache to move closer to Spock, he curled his hands tightly around his glass and stayed still.

Rocking around the Christmas tree, at the Christmas party hop…

The song had switched to something sillier, and Jim couldn’t stop a smile, despite the need that was still coursing through him. He had experienced a lot of set-ups for seduction, but with the fire and the chill air outside, this one came pretty close to being perfect, and it made him fight even harder to keep his hands to himself.

Mistletoe hung where you can see, every couple tries to stop…

“Jim, what is mistletoe?”

All thoughts of control vacated with shocking speed, leaving Jim with nothing but his libido, which was suddenly screaming at the top of its lungs.


“My research has indicated that it is a Terran plant, but I do not know its purpose.”

Spock’s face had become almost suspiciously impassive, and Jim struggled to find his vocal chords, deciding to take the easiest way out.

“You’re changing the subject. What did I say to upset you?”

“Jim, I believe that –” Spock actually paused, and then set his glass on the floor beside them, before carefully meeting Jim’s eyes again. “The two subjects may not be completely unrelated.”


“I do not wish for this to be our only Christmas here.”

There was an aching want in that voice, and Jim wondered how many time he’d had his breath stolen in the last three days.

“When you observed that we may never have the chance to do this again –”

“It’s true.” Jim managed to find his voice, even though he hated himself for what he was saying. “We have two more years for this mission, but after that –”

“Jim, I have no particular fondness for this notion.”

“I hate it, too.”

As they stared at each other, with nothing of what he was thinking reflected in Spock’s eyes, Jim again realized how much he would have given for a direct line into Spock’s thoughts. His heart was hurting something awful, and his hands were aching to touch, his need driven even higher by the sudden realization of how little time they had left together.

“You have yet to explain the concept of mistletoe.”

Spock’s voice seemed to have dropped just slightly, and Jim tried to keep the unease from his face, realising that he was seeing a stage that Spock only reached when he was frightened of something – the way he shut off everything in his face, which was somehow even more terrifying than if his fear had there for everyone to see.

“It’s for – it’s a tradition for couples. People hang it up, and couples stop to kiss under it.”

“You have not hung any.”

His voice was still lower than normal, but Spock wasn’t even looking at him anymore, and Jim suddenly felt a little dizzy, his mind reeling from the impossible implications of Spock’s observation.

“Why – why would I?”

He managed to choke out the words, although his lungs and heart seemed to have somehow fused together, stopping either of them from functioning properly. Spock remained completely still, and Jim repeatedly told himself to breathe, his mind almost caving in on the insinuations of what Spock was saying.

“Spock, do you mean that –”

And then Jim bit off his words and closed his eyes, trying to shift away, needing a moment to compose himself. This was his best friend. His first officer. One of the few people that Jim wouldn’t be able to live without. The one person who was always there for him, saving his ass, keeping the ship running, and giving Jim someone to come to for help.

The fear that accompanied the thought of losing Spock was almost as strong as his love for him. He couldn’t risk it, he couldn’t read too much into this – Spock didn’t understand human traditions, he couldn’t know what he was saying, Jim had to be reading intent where there was none –

When a gentle touch brushed against his knee, Jim didn’t even recognize the noise that he made, every inch of him screaming with need and confusion. It would have been an almost casual touch for anyone else, but for Spock, this was akin to him sliding his hand between Jim’s thighs.


His voice was a croak as he finally managed to open his eyes, only to find that Spock was still staring into the fire. Jim looked down at his knee, just to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming, and then slid his hand over the warmth of Spock’s, keeping his thoughts as tightly contained as possible, wondering why the room seemed devoid of oxygen.

“What’s – wrong? Why are you –”

Jim stopped talking again as he felt their fingers lace together, warm skin pressed against his own. The world had suddenly narrowed to just the two of them, and Jim’s mind was screaming at him to run as fast as he could, was screaming that this was crazy, that he had to be unconscious or delusional or dreaming.

“As you have said on several occasions, you are my closest friend. I do not wish to lose that when these five years are over.”

“You won’t.”

His voice was still nothing more than a croak, and when Spock’s grip tightened around his fingers, Jim felt his heart break into a thousand tiny pieces, not wanting Spock to hurt like this. He tightened his grip in return, and fought the urge to brush his lips across that soft skin, wanting to softly press Spock’s hand against his face.

“Forgive me, Jim.”

Spock pulled his hand away, and stood up with shocking speed.

“I have said too much, and have upset you again. That was not my intent.”

Before Spock could leave, Jim had sprung to his feet, and grabbed hold of those warm hands. Spock visibly tensed, his eyes suddenly unguarded as they met Jim’s, and Jim desperately tried to make sense of the situation, because what he was getting from this couldn’t possibly be correct.

“Spock, you’re my closest friend, too. You know this. So talk to me –”

“I have never been particularly skilled at articulating my thoughts, Jim.”

Jim’s entire body seemed to twist apart as Spock slowly looked down at their clasped hands, then hesitantly raised them and dragged his lips against the back of Jim’s fingers, successfully turning Jim’s world completely upside down.


He sounded strangled, his entire existence crumbling around him, but Spock didn’t let go, his eyes still closed as he held Jim’s hand against his lips.

“Tell me you do not want this, and I shall leave.”

The words were formed against Jim’s skin, Spock’s soft breath brushing across the back of his hand, and Jim found himself weak-kneed, every inch of him failing to process what was happening.

“You may consider this an invasion, but I have not always been able to maintain my shields around you. ''Occasionally when you have touched me, even for a moment, the sensations that I received –”

Spock stopped, as though terrified to keep going, and Jim suddenly felt like he could have flown to the moon with only the force of his own happiness. The world was spinning slightly, but the relief that coursed through his veins was nothing short of euphoric, and Jim was almost dizzy with the knowledge of what was happening.

“How long have you known?”

His voice nothing more than a whisper, and Spock seemed to become even tenser, his eyes still closed, and Jim’s hand still pressed against his warm lips.

“Since long before we arrived here.”

“You didn’t say anything?”

“You did not volunteer the information, either.”

“I didn’t have a direct channel into your brain!”

Spock flinched, and lowered their hands, finally opening his eyes. The mixture of fear and need there was the most heart-wrenching thing Jim had ever seen.

“I apologize if –”

Not even wanting Spock to complete the sentence, Jim yanked his hand free and slipped his arms around Spock, holding on as tightly as he could, silently swearing to never let go. Spock went absolutely rigid for a second, before all the tension seemed to bleed out of him, and he slid his arms around Jim in return, suddenly becoming the only thing keeping Jim on his feet.

“I am gratified that you did not react with anger. The invasion of your feelings –”

“Spock, don’t even.” Somehow Jim finally managed to find words, despite the euphoria dancing through his veins, and the disbelief that kept making him light-headed. “You’re the most courageous person I know. I would have never told you.”

“I, too, did not wish to lose you.”

Jim suddenly realised that he was shaking, and struggled to get himself under control, but when Spock pressed a gentle kiss into his hair, all thoughts of control fled. Jim wondered how it was even possible to feel such an astounding mixture of love and relief, mixed with enough desire to power a starship.

“Jim, do you –”

Jim cut him off by pressing a gentle kiss to Spock’s warm neck, and Spock’s breath hitched, his arms tightening around Jim.

“You tell me how this goes, Spock.”

“I –”

“I’m happy to curl up with you all night and just hold on.”

Another kiss to Spock’s neck, and the novelty of it had Jim’s knees weakening all over again, even as Spock’s grip around him tightened even more.

“I’m also happy to make use of that rug in front of this fire.”

Spock couldn’t quite manage to stop an almost strangled sound.

“Whatever you want. I’ve waited three years, but you were the one who actually had the guts to do something, and I’m willing to wait –”

Spock slowly slid a hand against Jim’s side, pressing it there as gently as he had four days ago, and Jim fought back a stupid prickling of tears, the reality of what was happening just starting to sink in. He tightened his grip to a point that had to hurt, breathing softly against Spock’s neck, still unable to believe that this was real.

“I have little experience in these matters, Jim. I want –”

When Spock seemed to lose his words, Jim finally pulled back, absolutely floored by the need in that expression. There was still some fear, but Jim could see his own relief reflected back, and he smiled softly as he raised a hand to trace the outline of Spock’s mouth, pulse racing even harder when Spock’s eyes closed.

“You’ve already given me what I want most, Spock. If you’d like to wait a bit longer before –”

Spock shook his head, eyes still closed, and the action suddenly made him look incredibly vulnerable. His heart fluttering in a way it never had before, Jim slid a hand to cup his cheek, before leaning in slightly, and pressing their lips together, as gently as he possibly could.

It was as though three years of pained longing suddenly crashed down around him, freeing Jim from the lonely prison that he hadn’t even realised he was living in.

Although he had never believed in the concept of time standing still, by the time Spock’s lips hesitantly moved against his, Jim had forgotten anything beyond the feel of them pressed together. He kept the kiss gentle, nothing more than a press of lips, until Spock suddenly made the tiniest sound and tried to move closer – and then Jim was completely gone, three years of love and need suddenly pouring out of him.

He kissed Spock until both of them were panting, until Jim could barely tell up from down, until Spock had finally gotten the courage to respond, teeth and lips and tongues establishing a rhythm that left Jim way too wobbly to stand. The fire crackled beside them, and Spock’s hands were clutching at the back of shirt, the fabric bunched between his fingers.

“Too many clothes.”

Jim somehow managed to murmur the words against Spock’s lips, and Spock exhaled raggedly in return, breaking away long enough to breathe. Jim dragged his lips across Spock's flushed cheek, before slowly sliding down his body, kissing him even through his clothes, his teeth tugging softly on the material of his dark shirt.

As soon as his knees hit the floor, two warm hands were cradling his head with impossible gentleness, and Jim took a moment to just look up at Spock, before dragging his lips along the strip of skin between pants and shirt, his fingers pressed against Spock's hips.

Barely stifling an almost pained noise, Spock's fingers tightened in his hair. As he simply stared down at Jim, his breathing slightly shallow, Jim suddenly flashed back to the first time he’d ever gotten naked with someone. If he, young tomcat Kirk had felt nerves, then for someone as reserved and private as Spock, this had to be more than a little overwhelming, and Jim was Jim was careful to hold Spock’s gaze as he slid to his feet and stepped back, sliding his shirt over his head, and tossing it casually across the couch. Spock’s eyes darkened even further, as though he simply couldn’t stop himself from reacting, and Jim felt the butterflies in his stomach make themselves known as he slid his pants down, leaving him in nothing but his black briefs.


Although Jim had never really felt vulnerable with is clothes off, something about the way Spock was looking at him made him feel naked in a way he’d never felt before. When Spock nodded, eyes flicking up and down the length of his body, Jim barely stopped a groan at the appreciative perusal.

“Your turn.”

He barely recognized that raspy voice for his own, but he stopped caring when Spock’s hands slid to the bottom of his shirt. Spock paused for a second more, before slowly pulling it over his head, his hesitance making the display into more of a tease than Spock could ever know.

“Shit, Spock." Jim could hear the rough crack to his voice, as three years of dreaming finally came true, the firelight painting a blush of gold across Spock's pale chest. "You’re beautiful.”

Spock looked away, even as that green blush spread from his cheeks to his ears, and Jim stepped closer, trailing his fingers across Spock’s bare chest. He curled them gently in the hair he found there, his fingers tingling at finally being allowed to touch, and when Spock’s eyes slid shut again, as though actually looking at Jim was too much to handle, Jim wondered what on earth he had done to deserve this.

“Still good?”

Before Spock could answer, Jim casually leaned forward to lick a stripe across Spock’s chest, and the hiss he got in response was the sexiest thing he’d ever heard.

“I never imagined that you’d be so responsive."

He murmured the words again Spock's chest, then carefully dragged his teeth across the pale skin, loving the way Spock's fingers scrambled to clutch at his shoulders. They were digging in with almost painful strength, and when Jim reluctantly pulled back, Spock’s eyes had slipped open again, and he wasn’t even making an effort to hide the need there.

Jim felt his lips curl into a shaky smile, and the flush on Spock’s cheeks deepened further.

“I don't even know how many times I’ve thought about this.”

He slid his hands down Spock’s chest, and paused to brush them along the edges of his hips, barely hidden by black fabric. Spock was still watching him, and Jim was unsurprised to feel his own hands shaking.

“May I?”

When Spock nodded, it was as though years of stress seemed to bleed from Jim’s body, and he slid to his knees again, dragging his hands along Spock’s body the whole way down. He took a moment to mold his lips against the front of Spock’s pants, curling them around the hardness there, and Spock’s hands clenched in his hair again, as though desperate for something to hold on to.

“I can’t even articulate how much I want you.”

“The – the need is mutual.”

They were the first words Spock had managed in about five minutes, and Jim glanced up at him, his skin suddenly burning at the look on Spock’s face, at the blatant desire there.

“God, you should see yourself.”

That beautiful blush got even deeper, and Jim found himself struggling to hold Spock’s eyes, focused on him with an intensity that made Jim squirm. Reminding himself to breathe, he slowly dragged his fingers along the top of Spock’s pyjama pants, before gently pulling them down, and helping Spock to step out of them. Before Spock could get nervous, Jim had pressed another kiss to the front of his briefs and stood up again, taking hold of Spock’s hands.

“Here, or the bedroom?”


The single word left Jim’s legs even more wobbly, and he pressed their mouths together for a moment, his breath quickening as Spock made another almost pained noise, molding their bodies even closer together.

“Can we lie down?”

Spock pulled back and nodded, and Jim slowly brought them to the ground, pressing Spock back against the fur, before pausing to enjoy the view. It was his earlier fantasy come alive, and he carefully straddled Spock’s body, deliberately missing the place Spock needed to be touched most, until Spock began to shift impatiently, the flush on his skin even darker.

“Jim, you –”

And then he stopped, fingers reaching out to press against Jim’s hips as though trying to communicate without words, and Jim decided to have mercy.

Still reeling from being allowed to touch, Jim slowly slid down Spock’s body, pulling off his underwear as he went, leaving Spock naked and beautiful on the rug before him. His heart suddenly tightened in a way that almost drowned out his libido, and he leaned down to press a reverent kiss against Spock’s hip, not missing the way Spock’s entire body tightened in response.

“Jim –”

“Let me take care of you.”

When Spock closed his eyes in acquiescence, Jim bit down on his own need and began exploring.

He trailed soft kisses along the soft skin of Spock’s legs, before licking along the edges of his thighs, and then nibbling across the tight tension of his stomach. He bit down gently against a hip bone, then flicked his tongue across the head of Spock’s cock, reveling in the gasp even as he moved away again, scraping his teeth along the inside of Spock’s thighs, and tightening his grip against Spock’s hips.

“Feels good?”

When Spock’s only response was to murmur Jim’s name, his eyes closed tight and his fingers clutching the rug beneath them, Jim had never heard anything more beautiful.

“Do you have any idea what your voice does to me? I could listen to you talk for hours.”

There was no response, but Jim didn’t need one, and he carefully slid his hands along the insides of Spock’s thighs, pushing his legs even wider apart, and feeling Spock’s instinctive tension at being made even more vulnerable.

“Jim –”

“Trust me.”

When Spock managed to relax slightly, Jim bit back a groan and spread those beautiful legs as far as they could go, painting a trail of kisses and bites all over Spock’s inner thighs, and refusing to stop until Spock was panting above him. His body aching at finally being allowed to touch, Jim slowly trailed his tongue along the length of Spock’s cock, touching with just the tip of his tongue, knowing it was more of a tease than anything.

“Jim, please.”

The soft words twisted through him, and he finally wrapped his mouth around Spock, his own cock jumping at the choked breath he got in return, and the way Spock’s hips moved upwards of their own accord. Jim pressed them back down, and then tried everything he could to drive Spock crazy, shoving his own need into the back of his mind.

He was finally living out a fantasy, and it didn’t last nearly long enough.

By the time Spock came, his face had twisted into an expression of pure pleasure, his fingers had tangled tightly into Jim’s hair, and his voice was nothing more than a series of raspy exhales. He was shaking underneath Jim’s hands, and Jim found himself almost dizzy with want, as he slid back up Spock’s body and pressed their mouths together, thrilled when Spock sneaked his arms around him and kissed him back.

“Worth waiting for?”

Spock still hadn’t managed to regain control of his voice, but he tightened his grip and slid a hand beneath their bodies, fingers curling underneath the top of Jim’s underwear. Jim found himself suddenly unable to breathe again, and Spock pressed a kiss against his neck as he slid a hand underneath, curling it around Jim’s cock.

Jim barely even recognized the sound that came from his own throat.

“Take these off.”

Some of Spock’s customary assertiveness was finally surfacing, the words murmured against Jim’s lips, and Jim quickly struggled to comply, everything made more difficult by his shaking hands. He sat up and somehow squirmed free of the restrictive material, tossing them to the side – and then found their positions reversed, his back pressed against the soft fur, with a beautiful Vulcan stretched out on top of him. He grinned up at Spock, his heart suddenly racing even faster.

“You move like a cat.”

Spock’s face was relaxed in a way that Jim had never seen before, and his lips curled slightly at the words. Before Jim could say anything else, Spock was kissing his way down Jim’s body, obviously wanting to complete the same exploration that Jim had just accomplished.


His voice was already cracking, his heart trying to beat out of his ribs, and Spock raised an eyebrow at him.

“Please don’t tease. I’m already – I need you to –”

Spock said nothing, but his-half smile was almost wicked as he curled his mouth around Jim, and Jim let out a noise that he didn’t even know he was capable of, every inch of him focused on that amazing feeling. Spock’s mouth was hotter than summer pavement, and the sudden sensation had Jim scrambling for breath, his ability to think completely destroyed.

With a murmur of Spock’s name, Jim’s hips left the rug before he could stop himself, until he found himself pressed back against the soft material, that Vulcan strength rendering him immobile.

"Stay still."

Before Jim could rasp out a response, Spock began to explore, using his tongue and lips in as many different ways as he could think of. It was enough to keep Jim dancing on the edge, but not enough to push him over, and after several minutes of Spock’s exploration, Jim somehow managed to find his voice, distantly realizing that he was begging.

With a decidedly smug look that fried whatever was left of Jim’s brain, Spock tightened the pressure of his mouth even as he dug his fingers into Jim’s bare hips – and a wave of pure sensation screamed through Jim’s body, two arousals twisting together into one, as the need and love from Spock’s body jumped through those fingertips, crashing into his own frantic desire with the subtly of a derailing freight train – and as their two desires mixed together, Jim was suddenly thrown towards a level of need that somehow encompassed every aspect of who he was, that left him completely unable to breathe -

Jim came so hard the world actually went fuzzy, tinting his entire existence with white.

When he finally managed to get himself together, he was wrapped in strong arms, a warm body pressed against his back, and Spock’s nose buried in his hair. He could barely tell where he ended, and where Spock began – it was as though Spock was afraid to let him go, and was trying to mold their bodies together.

Jim wanted to say something intelligent, but all he seemed to manage was a low murmur of contentment, and he snuggled even closer to Spock, feeling that broad chest vibrate with not-so-well-contained amusement.

“I assume that was intended as a compliment.”

Jim cleared his scratchy throat, and wondered how much noise he’d made while he was busy being launched into another galaxy. “If the crew knew that you could make people come with your mind, you’d have a line-up down the Enterprise corridor. That was –”

“I want nobody else.”

The sudden love that spread through Jim left him shaking, and he could feel a hint of the same sentiments from Spock, slipping through every inch of their touching skin. He was still boneless from his orgasm, but even more than that, he was still reeling from his inability to believe that this was real.

Suddenly realising that three years of painful pining were over, Jim found himself grinning like an idiot, and he knew that Spock felt his sudden contentment, because his grip tightened to the point of almost crushing off Jim’s air.

“I don’t want anybody else either, Spock.”


There was almost a purr of possessiveness in that tone, and Jim’s exhausted body gave a feeble twitch. He managed to stop a groan, and settled for pressing a series of kisses against Spock’s bare arm, his entire being still aching at finally being this close to Spock.

“Go to sleep, Jim.”

There was lazy contentment in that warm voice, and Jim decided to take the advice, pressing his face against Spock’s arm and closing his eyes. As he finally drifted off, with Spock pressing gentle kisses against his hair, Jim realized that he’d never felt more content in his entire life.

- - -

At some point in the night, when the fire had begun to burn down, they shifted to Spock’s room, and curled up together in an exhausted pile of content limbs. When Jim woke up alone the next morning, he gingerly got to his feet and threw on Spock's robe, a pleased grin crossing his face.

He left the bedroom, the smile fading as he saw no sign of Spock. Fighting down a surge of what could have been panic, Jim wrapped a coat around himself and pulled open the front door - to find Spock standing beside their snowpeople, frowning down at them, as though something wasn’t quite right with them. Jim boggled at him for a moment, before his eyes went to the snowpeople, and the sight made him fall in love all over again.

Standing beside the snow Vulcan, Jim’s snow person had been given a new personality, the Starfleet symbol standing out clearly against the white snow, somehow concocted from what seemed to be a collection of peas. Spock had tilted the stick arms of each snow person, so that they were brushing together –

Jim and Spock. In snowpeople version. Holding hands.

Not even caring that he was still barefoot, Jim was across the yard in an embarrassingly short amount of time, his hand slipping into Spock’s, who was blushing most extensively, and doing his best to not show it.

“They seemed more fitting this way.”

There was something fragile in Spock’s voice, and Jim didn’t trust himself to speak. He simply squeezed Spock’s hand, and then moved closer, his heart at peace for the first time in years.

“Jim, are you not cold?”

Ignoring the question, Jim carefully stood on his frozen tiptoes, curled his hands around Spock’s ears, and gently tugged him close for a kiss. The world did that weird spinning thing again, and when Jim finally pulled back, there was a small smile on Spock’s face, and obvious contentment in his eyes.

“Perhaps next time, we can assemble the entire command staff.”

Grinning ridiculously and losing his words at the thought of doing this again, Jim closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Spock. Snow was falling around them again, and as Spock carefully lifted him off the ground, cradling him as though he weighed nothing, Jim knew he would have given anything to make this moment last forever.

“We have many years yet, Jim.”

“You’re going to be less careful about reading my thoughts now, aren’t you?”

Spock said nothing else, but when he pressed their lips together, both of them could feel the hints of love and affection that twisted between them, warming them from the inside out – Jim closed his eyes again, and simply basked in the feeling of finally being complete.


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Dec. 6th, 2009 02:37 pm (UTC)
Wonderful. I love the idea of the two snowmen holding hands. It practically makes me tear up. That was a lovely thing to wake up to - thank you!
Dec. 6th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
You're quite welcome, and I'm glad you like the snowpeople. Thanks for the lovely comment!
Dec. 6th, 2009 03:10 pm (UTC)
My first thought on seeing this was Oh, shit, because the premise is almost exactly the same as my fic, which isn't going up until next week... and then my second thought was Oh shiiiiiiiiit because this is orders of magnitude better than mine.

Just...guh. The UST, the way Jim is too stupid to see how obviously Spock is reciprocating, the fact that Spock has to be the one to make the first move... this is pretty much the hottest fluff in existence.
Dec. 6th, 2009 03:27 pm (UTC)
It's inevitable that there will be similarities to some of the stories given the them. I remember my_kurama saying the same thing about her story when she read the one posted the day before by tatyan85 (and I beta read them both, so I knew before they did!). But everyone has their own unique way of telling their story and I know, rhaegal, that yours will be as beautiful as this was. :-) I can't wait to read it. :-)
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Dec. 6th, 2009 03:22 pm (UTC)
That was absolutely awesome! What a beautiful love story. My heart went out to Jim, all the way through, feeling such love and longing and truly believing it could never be reciprocated. And then Spock's halting confession made me want to die. From friends to lovers. The whole story was beautifully crafted and magical, and I loved your characterisations of Jim and Spock, really nicely done.

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece. :-)
Dec. 6th, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
Gaaah, thanks so much. ♥

I was kinda nervous about posting it, because I'm such a plot!whore... but then I figured that there are enough Sporkers who'd be right there with me. I'm glad Spock's confession made you want to die (if that even makes sense? XD) because as I was writing it, my heart kept flailing about in my chest... Spocccck. <3

Thank you so much for the beautiful comment, and for playing such a massive role in making the advent calendar happen. :)
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Dec. 6th, 2009 03:36 pm (UTC)
this is so very beautiful, you must have put in much thought into the characterisations :) reminded me of the first time I fell in love and my first kiss *blush*
Dec. 6th, 2009 08:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah, those are exactly the feelings I drew on. Cause the first time you fall in love, really in love, is just... wow.

I'm glad you like, and thans for the lovely comment. <3
Dec. 6th, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
askjf, this is so adorable. I loved the part about Spock drinking ahead of Jim, and the snow people problem, and Jim's need for affection - it was wonderful.
Dec. 6th, 2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
Thanks you so much! :)

... Mmmmm. -pets your icon-
Dec. 6th, 2009 04:29 pm (UTC)
This is great. Just like Jim to find out Bones's ex can be bribed, & keep his feelings for Spock to himself for three years.

And I love the tree-hunting part. Can just imagine the trees chilling out, half-heartedly throwing "Your mama" insults, when Jim & Spock troop into sight, & all the trees snap to attention, "Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick ME! No, MEEEE!!"
Dec. 6th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC)
... That is - by far the best description of an evergreen forest I have ever heard. ♥

I may have just fallen wildly in love with you. Oh my god. That image is going to eat my brain in the best possible way. :D
Dec. 6th, 2009 05:05 pm (UTC)
Awww, that was so sweet. So precious of Jim bribing Jocelyn to give Bones the best gift ever and his worry about not letting Spock know what he felt for him because he didn't want to lose his friendship.
Dec. 6th, 2009 09:13 pm (UTC)
Hee! I love Bones, so he had to at least sneak in at the beginning... and I can defintely see Jim calling up his ex and being like, "So, um - this is how we're gonna do this."

Thanks for the lovely comment. <3

-loves on your icon-
Dec. 6th, 2009 05:41 pm (UTC)
I am a Kirk/McCoy girl at heart, but this was achingly lovely.
Dec. 6th, 2009 08:43 pm (UTC)
Can't ask for better praise than that. :)
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Dec. 6th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)
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Dec. 6th, 2009 09:16 pm (UTC)
FDgfsnhktjrnky your comments make my life. :D

Thank YOU for being so awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed this so much, and I wish you tons of luck with the English projects, and with the graduating. <3
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Dec. 6th, 2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
Unbelievably, amazingly, beautifully well-written. It was sweet and had a beautiful ache and it was just wonderful. Some minor spelling typos, but that was no big.

People have to stop making Canada so cool in fics. When Ontario is covered in snow this winter I'm going to be thinking about this, grin and look silly. It's already happened to me in Toronto several times because of 'Home'.

It was wonderfully drawn out, slow and warm and there's so much I could quote but it'd take up a lot of space. I love it and it went straight to my memories.
Dec. 6th, 2009 09:44 pm (UTC)
Gah, thank you so much - your comment just made my day. ♥

I'm glad the slow and drawn out feel worked for ya. I was afraid that my plot!whore-ness might be too much, but so many fics have them getting to the cabin and just immediately figuring it out and jumping each others' bones... so I wanted to draw this out a bit.

As for the typos, by all means, feel free to point them out - we read this over way too many times, but it's not surprising that stuff still got missed.

And as for Canada... yeah, it was fun to get a chance to write about its awesome-ness (hmmmm... now I need to re-read Home.). I'm assuming you're also in Ontario? I'm just an hour north of Toronto... puts me right between the city and cottage country... which I love, cause Northern Ontario truly is beautiful. :D
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Dec. 6th, 2009 07:13 pm (UTC)
this was beautiful. your characterizations were perfect.

i absolutely loved this. ♥
Dec. 6th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
Thaaaank you. :)
Dec. 6th, 2009 08:48 pm (UTC)
This was absolutely adorable. Loved it!
Dec. 6th, 2009 09:09 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :)
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Dec. 6th, 2009 09:46 pm (UTC)
Wow! This... this was... PERFECT! I can't think of any other words right now to express what a great story this is and how much I love it.
I will say this though: This fic sent tingles down my spine and now I just want to curl up inside it and cuddle for a while. ♥ ♥ ♥
Dec. 6th, 2009 09:54 pm (UTC)
Gaaah, best reponse ever.

I'm so glad I could send tingles down your spine, and no more words are necessary - 'perfect' all in caps is quite sufficient to make me grin like a fool. :D

Also... your icon is possibly the cutest thing in the world. I would do anything to have those bears. ♥
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Dec. 6th, 2009 10:05 pm (UTC)
oh man. i can't eveeeen.

if i wasn't laughing out loud at their adorable humor, i was covering my head with a blanket and squeeing loudly.

and that scene by the fire. oh. god. it was like my throat closed up and i forgot how to breathe. that was some sexy reverence going on. i especially loved that your spock allowed himself to react. because if that wasn't the hottest thing in existence... *fans*

and your descriptions of spock through jim's eyes drove me insane (in a good way ;D). god, the black sweater. i don't know if i should curse you or bless you for giving me that image. hnngh.

i had so much fun reading this. that's what i really wanted to convey. fanfic writers are my true heroes. <3
Dec. 7th, 2009 07:28 am (UTC)
<3 <3 <3

i was covering my head with a blanket and squeeing loudly

Best reaction ever. :D

it was like my throat closed up and i forgot how to breathe. that was some sexy reverence going on. i especially loved that your spock allowed himself to react. because if that wasn't the hottest thing in existence... *fans*

Ffdsklbnkgn gfngf I almost blew my own brain with that particular scene. I think I need to do the new year's eve follow-up story, and write more sex in front of the fireplace, or something. :D

... My grade point average cries at the idea.

As for the sweater - yeeeeah. Spock in black slays me in ways I didn't even know it was possible for my to be slayed. You're so welcome for this image, and thank you for the lovely comment. ♥
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