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Writer's Block: Hocus pocus

Have you ever purchased a lotion, potion, or pill that promised miraculous weight loss, perfect skin, or fantastic sex even though you knew it was (probably) a hoax?

Although I'm only nineteen years old, I already have impressive bags under my eyes. It's not something that truly worries me - after the medical and mental hell I went through over the last few years, while still working myself to death - I've earned a few scars. I fought long and hard to get my body working for me, and I've got enough good features to balance out some stress lines... most of the time, I barely notice it.

That being said... I made a lovely anti-wrinkle cream impulse buy the other day. $12 thing of lotion, and of course it doesn't work - I never really expected it to, but some part of me was hoping. I think I'd been up for about 36 hours at that point, and was looking pretty ragged... most likely why this happen.

Alas - guess I'm stuck having the eyes of someone older than me. Somehow, I'm preeeeetty sure I can think of many worse things.
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